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vacation rental condo in Cedar Key, Florida
Cormorant Condo
Cedar Key, Florida
Located on a cluster of small islands just off the West coast of Florida on the Gulf of Mexico. The islands have been inhabited for thousands of years by indigenous tribes of native Americans. Cedar Key was established as a town around 1859. Today we are a small island community of around 800 residents. We are just about on hour drive from the nearest city, that being Gainesville. We're small in size but have a grand spirit.
Our facilities:
Florida's smallest complete school K-12
Florida's smallest State Park.
One Beautiful City Park with Beach.
One grocery store.
One Gas Station.
One Auto Garage.
One Air strip.
One post office.
One laundry mat.
One library.
One fire station.
One clothing consignment shop.
One quilt shop.
One Antique shop.
One Sunrise & One Sunset everyday.
Two Marinas.
Two Fishing Piers
Some Art Stores.
Some Gift Shops.
Some Golf Cart Rentals
Some Kayak and Boat rentals.
Some Fishing guides.
Some Seafood Restaurants.
Some Condo rentals. Click here for one of the finest. 
Just so you know.
Our entire island can be traversed in about 15 minutes via bicycle. Golf carts are a bit faster. You can walk the 3.5 mile island if you like.
Most anywhere you look you'll see water (we're on an island) and smell the scent of salt during high tide and the scent of mud flats at low tides.
The town is accessible by four bridges and is about three miles from the mainland. Sound like a place you'd like to visit?  Click here and we'll help you find a great place to stay.